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"New app saves you money at the pump"

KTRK-TV (ABC 13) | Houston, TX | 4/4/2019

"I think it's a great way to save money. I'll always have some money on here to go out to eat or cash out or do something else with it."

"Como puedes ahorrar dinero en gasolina"

Univision | "Despierta America" | 4/4/2019

[3:00] Vaya haciendo la matemática. Es mucho dinero en su cuenta de banco. No olvídense a escribir a este aplicación porque, de verdad, les van a gustar mucho.

"Man earns $900 using cash back gas app"

WMAR- TV (ABC 2) | Baltimore, MD | 2/10/2019

"I spent it all on things for the kids, wej ust did Christmas presents with about $100 of it, just whatever, free money."

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