Our Company

About us

GetUpside is a startup that personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce to help communities thrive. As we connect people with businesses, consumers get more purchasing power, merchants make more profit, and value is driven back to our communities. That’s how we all win.

Our vision

We envision a future with vibrant communities where we create real value for all points of commerce—people and brick-and-mortar businesses alike—to inspire greater change.

Our mission

Our mission is to enrich communities by connecting businesses to people, enabling all to thrive.

Our promise

At GetUpside, we promise to show real proof of change daily.

We help consumers earn real cash back on daily purchases, across many verticals.

We show merchants exact changes in incremental profit daily, without requiring any incremental work.

We inspire employees to collectively improve brick-and-mortar commerce every day, working for the long-term greater good of our communities.

Our values


  • We are passionate about our mission to help people & businesses thrive.
  • We are our authentic selves, inside and outside the office.
  • We value being part of something bigger than ourselves.
  • We don’t make money unless you do first.


  • We are transparent with our merchants, users, and fellow team members.
  • We take our privacy pledge seriously and show you where your information goes.
  • We socialize issues to collectively problem-solve.
  • We are open about company successes and failures.


  • We feel personally and professionally fulfilled by our work and its effect on the world.
  • We use data to guide our decisions.
  • We are thoughtful and deliberate about the way forward.
  • We spend time understanding our impact and how to continue improving it.


  • We are deliberate about building a diverse workforce.
  • We value the richness that different perspectives bring.
  • We appreciate that “diversity” spans multiple dimensions—racial, cultural, socio-economic, educational, opinion-based, and more.


  • We cherish relationships with our clients, users, and within our team.
  • We collaboratively problem-solve to make better end-products.
  • We embrace our individuality and accept one another.
  • We appreciate each person’s contribution to our mission.


  • We share in the desire to connect with the people and businesses around us.
  • We build products and services to fit your business and your lifestyle the way they are now.
  • We celebrate the successes of our users, clients, and team.
  • We enjoy learning from our users in an effort to improve every day.

Our key considerations

Every time we develop a new strategy, pitch, or product, we consider three important questions.

Have we prioritized personalization?

Digitally personalizing brick-and-mortar business is the lifeblood of our model. Our success thus far has proven that personalization makes businesses more profitable and makes your dollar go further. Now we’re working toward personalizing interactions to make shopping at brick-and-mortar businesses more efficient and more enjoyable. As we continue to break new ground, personalization guides our work.

Are we making a measurable impact?

We’re helping people! But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve built great measurement tools and independently verified our methodology to show consumers and merchants exactly how GetUpside adds value. Merchants see increases in profit for their businesses, and consumers get more goods and services for each dollar spent.

Are we ensuring mutual benefit?

GetUpside's revenue model is based on mutual benefit. We don't make money unless you make money. GetUpside ensures each transaction is measurably beneficial; we work with both consumers and merchants to ensure each consumer is better off, and that each merchant is able to grow their business.