GetUpside -- “Priceline for Gas” -- launches in Florida

Users save up to 25 cents per gallon; local businesses grow profits. App developed by ex-Googlers & backed by acclaimed Silicon Valley advisors

MIAMI -- February 6th, 2018 -- Buying gas is a necessary expense for every driver.

GetUpside helps reduce this cost by giving consumers access to exclusive low prices not displayed on gas stations signs. Like Priceline, GetUpside incentivizes businesses to compete with each other on price in return for bringing more customers to their stores. Consumers save and local businesses grow. It’s a win-win.

With the free GetUpside app, users see personalized, discounted prices from hundreds of nearby gas stations -- up to 25 cents cash back per gallon.

Today, GetUpside officially launched service in Florida in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Over 400 gas stations in South Florida are now offering exclusive deals through GetUpside, including familiar brands like Shell, Marathon and Chevron.

Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties are the first to get GetUpside, but the service will soon be available throughout the entire state of Florida. By the end of 2018, more than 1,500 gas stations statewide are expected on the GetUpside platform.

GetUpside’s launch into Florida is the company’s first major market expansion outside of Washington, DC, where they formed in 2016. In the DC/MD/VA market, GetUpside has already acquired 130,000 users who have saved over $1 million dollars in cash back deals.

GetUpside sees similar growth potential in Florida, the country’s third most-populous state. In South Florida, 82% of residents use their car to commute to work and spend an average of $2,900 annually on gas, according to a recent survey. GetUpside was designed to help these consumers take more control over their daily expenses and earn cash back for pumping gas at their neighborhood stations.

“We are thrilled to launch GetUpside in Florida, which has a high percentage of work commuters, rideshare drivers, and truckers who will benefit from GetUpside’s unique cash back platform. With year-round tourism and status as a transportation hub, Florida was an obvious choice for GetUpside’s first market expansion. We are committed to helping consumers here save and businesses here grow,” said GetUpside co-founder/CEO Alex Kinnier.


Opening the free mobile GetUpside app reveals dozens of unique cash back deals from nearby gas stations. Users choose their station, pump and pay using a credit or debit card, and then upload a photo of their receipt to the GetUpside app. The cash back savings accumulate in users’ online account and can be cashed out at any time via check or PayPal.

GetUpside also helps local businesses win new customers and build repeat business. Gas stations using the GetUpside platform have seen an average 58% return on investment, so they happily underwrite the discount. GetUpside takes a percentage of profit generated from each transaction. Meanwhile, consumers get paid to pump gas at the same local stations they frequent anyway. GetUpside users have earned an average of $124 in cash back per year.

GetUpside’s Florida launch will first feature cash back deals at gas stations, but will eventually include offers at convenience stores, car washes, restaurants, grocery stores and retail locations. The company launched this expanded service in the Washington, DC metro market in late 2017 and now offers cash back savings up to 15% on groceries and 35% at restaurants.

GetUpside is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play.


GetUpside was started by Alex Kinnier (CEO) and Wayne Lin (COO), who were inspired by the advertising technology they helped create while working at Google. In 2016 they co-founded GetUpside and developed algorithms that provide personalized, high value offers to consumers, while also driving incremental profit for businesses. As a result, GetUpside gives the highest level of savings compared to other gas savings programs.

The GetUpside concept has attracted the support of two of Silicon Valley’s most accomplished individuals: Gideon Yu -- the former CFO of Facebook and current co-owner of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers -- is a GetUpside investor and board member. Hal Varian -- Chief Economist for Google and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley -- is an investor and advisor. GetUpside has raised millions of dollars in early-round fundraising from venture capital firms.

“We designed GetUpside to put money back into people’s pockets and to help local businesses grow. We believe in democratizing technology for the benefit of everyone: office commuters, soccer moms, Uber & Lyft drivers, and small business owners alike. GetUpside accomplishes that for everyone who uses it,” said Wayne Lin, GetUpside co-founder/COO.


GetUpside is a technology company changing the economics of buying necessities to benefit both consumers and local businesses. GetUpside’s free mobile app on iOS and Android provides users with real-time, personalized deals to save money at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. GetUpside’s mission is to enrich consumers’ experiences by helping them to explore local businesses and take control of their unavoidable daily

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