DevOps Engineer

Location: Washington DC      

Meet GetUpside

GetUpside helps businesses grow and people save by driving customers to nearby businesses with personalized cash back offers. We’re driving new customers to local businesses (more than 5,000 businesses across 13 states have made $10+ million in profit through GetUpside). We’re putting cash back in consumers’ pockets (more than $7 million cash back earned).

In the end, we want to help local businesses get what they need (customers) and consumers get what they need (gas, groceries, you name it!) for less. GetUpside is growing rapidly, with 17x growth in transaction volume in 2018 and we’re driving hundreds of millions of dollars of commerce a year!

We're a DC-based startup founded in 2016 and made up of a great collection of people from companies like Google, Opower, Washington Post, Mastercard, Capital One, and LivingSocial. We recently closed our second round of funding and are well-funded by a great group of investors who care about our company, our mission, and our team’s success.

Our technology stack

  • AWS to run our microservices in a message-oriented-architecture with products like EC2, VPC, ELB, ECS / EKS

  • Java 8 / Dropwizard / 12-factor apps

  • Python 3 / Serverless AWS Lambdas

  • MySQL & Dynamo

  • S3 & Athena

  • Jenkins / Github / Terraform / Jira

What will you do?

  • Identify and improve scale bottlenecks using best-practice patterns

  • Increase overall system resiliency (for example, adding caching or database clustering or service discovery solutions where appropriate)

  • Improve application security with technologies such as Hashicorp’s Vault or AWS’s SecretsManager and/or bring AWS IAM configurations into Terraform/Terragrunt config-as-code

  • Create new and improved CI/CD pipelines to reduce the time and effort of deploying new services

What do you need?

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in CS or other STEM field

  • Software development experience in our technology stack at a software products or consulting company

  • Experience in a 24/7 SaaS development environment, including on-call rotation

  • Familiarity with performance monitoring in a distributed architecture, e.g., DataDog, NewRelic

  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment best practices and implementation

  • Application security and compliance best practices

  • Strong analytical skills, organizational skills, prioritization skills

  • Self-driven to identify potential problems and proactively develop solutions

  • Proven ability to work in a fast paced and quickly growing startup environment

  • A constant desire for learning and self improvement

How to Apply

Please email your resume to for consideration. We’ll be in touch if we think there’s a great fit!