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New customers,
increased profits,

GetUpside is an app that helps people decide where to spend their money, every day.

Win new customers through
personalized offers
Join 5,000+ businesses on GetUpside

Win new customers with
personalized offers

consumers looking for restaurants, groceries, and gas stations

How it works

  • Users see personalized offers
  • They pay as normal
  • And upload their receipt to receive cash back
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Loving GetUpside I used it last weekend for gas (as usual), groceries (saved $10!!!), and food @ Five Guys - keep up the good work!
Kevin D. via email
Great app. I've saved a good amount of money. Very helpful in picking a place to eat.
Rick L. on Google Play
I use this app on a weekly basis. I have recommended it to my friends and they love it.
B.Z. on iTunes

Attract new customers profitably

GetUpside's algorithms are constantly learning to identify each customers personalized offer that brings them into your restaurant at the lowest cost.
  • Win new customers

    with personalized first-time offers

  • Increase visits

    by giving existing customers offers to visit more and spend more

  • Never incentivize expected visits

See proven profit on every
single transaction

Pay-for-performance pricing: GetUpside fees
applied only when we bring incremental profit.

Increase profits with no work

  • No staff training
  • No operations changes
  • No work to run

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