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personalized grocery store promotions

Increased bounce back, basket size, and incremental profit, proven daily, without incremental work.

GetUpside gets customers who shop at my competitors to shop at my locations — with no staff training, no hardware, no software upgrades, and no work from my IT team.
— Hossein E.

The way people grocery shop is changing

Grocery delivery services
Increased prepared food purchases
Increased takeout and dining out
Even amid these changes, GetUpside puts your business in a position to thrive by delivering personalized offers that attract new customers, and that get your existing customers to bounce back more often with larger basket sizes.
Guaranteed ROI
Pay only for proven results

You are missing out on shoppers nearby

GetUpside app users are transacting at businesses each day — many within one mile of your grocery store. When those shoppers need to make a grocery store trip, let the GetUpside app send them to you, and not competing supermarkets.

Get started in minutes, with no risk:
  • No up-front costs
  • No contract term
  • No POS setup
  • No work to run

GetUpside puts your data to work

Mirroring the technology applied by sophisticated online retailers, GetUpside's personalization algorithm ensures that offers will always be profit-increasing.

When GetUpside app users visit your grocery store, it's business as usual

No need for any cashier training or checkout procedure changes.
  • GetUpside app users in need of groceries see offers for your store
  • When they visit your store, they pay with their usual debit or credit card, and snap a photo of their receipt
  • They receive their cash back directly in the app — no action needed by you or by your staff.

Watch as 'business as usual' gets better each day

We believe you shouldn't run any promotion without knowing how much more money you are making via that promotion than you would make without it. This is known as return on promotion or return on investment (ROI). ROI is central to our approach. With GetUpside, ROI is measured, and it's proven, daily.

Accepting branded coupons and gas + grocery discounts may be unavoidable, but adding GetUpside will ensure that you increase profit, transparently.

Loyalty programsCouponsInvesting in PriceGetUpside
You pay only for proven results
Offers guaranteed to increase profit
Doesn't cannibalize existing customers
Competitors can't see and match offer
No set-up or training required to run

GetUpside personalizes every offer using data-based customer acquisition technology, ensuring that you'll make incremental profit on every receipt.

The way people grocery shop is changing

Love this app, wish I would have found out about it sooner. I've got my whole family using it.
— Joshua L.
I'm so lucky my favorite grocery store is on GetUpside. Every time we grocery shop we earn cash back!
— Kristen P. on Google Play

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