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personalized gas and convenience store promotions

Incremental profit,
proven daily, without
incremental work.

GetUpside gets customers who shop at my competitors to shop at my locations — with no staff training, no hardware, no software upgrades, and no work from my IT team.
— Hossein E.
With GetUpside, I can instantly see if I've got a new customer, exactly what that customer bought, exactly what I gave them, and what my net profit was on a per-day basis.
— Eric S.

Win your competitor's customers
without lowering your sign price.

GetUpside is the only solution available to petroleum marketers and dealers that delivers incremental petroleum purchases with measurable and proven ROI.
GetUpside knows which nearby customers aren't visiting your station, and attracts these new customers to your station through personalized offers based on their transaction history.
No work to run
Guaranteed ROI
Pay only for proven results

You are missing out on potential customers nearby

Thousands of GetUpside users are transacting at businesses each day — many within one mile of your gas station. List your station in the GetUpside app and we'll drive that business to your station, and not to one of your competitors.

Get started in minutes, with no risk:
  • Pay only for performance
  • No employee training or involvement to run
  • No hardware, software, or POS upgrades
  • No monthly or recurring fee
  • No contract term

Tap into transaction data to increase profits

Mirroring the technology applied by sophisticated online retailers, GetUpside's personalization algorithm ensures that offers will always be profit-increasing.

When GetUpside app users visit your station, it's business as usual for you and your staff

  • GetUpside app users receive a personalized offer to visit your station
  • When the visit, they pay with their usual debit or credit card, and snap a photo of their receipt
  • They'll receive their cash back directly in the app -- no action needed by you or your staff

Watch as 'business as usual' gets better each day

We believe you shouldn't run any promotion without knowing how much more money you are making via that promotion than you would make without it. This is known as return on promotion or return on investment (ROI). ROI is central to our approach. With GetUpside, ROI is measured, and it's proven, daily.

GetUpside can work alongside your existing programs,
but there's no contest when it comes to driving prover ROI.

GetUpsideFleet CardTraditional Loyalty Program
No POS integration or up-front costs
Increases new customer transactions
Increases profits per transaction
Doesn't cannibalize existing customers
You pay only for proven results

GetUpside personalizes every offer using data-based customer acquisition technology, ensuring that you'll make incremental profit on every receipt.

Happy, loyal customers delivered to your business

I use this app on a weekly basis. I have recommended it to my friends and they love it.
— B.Z. on iTunes
The app showed me that apparently I have a Sunoco gas station in my neighborhood which I didn't know even existed, and the discount was 14 cents. Wow!
— GetUpside user Zarif

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